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Few advises which will let you faster and easier find business you can exchange products with.

Please provide correct information about you during registration.

While posting announcement try to select categories best matching to you product.

While adding announcement give as many details as possible about product you have.

While selecting products you need try to select them from categories which are close to category of product that you have.

While selecting cities where business you are ready to work with try to select cities close to city where your product is located.

Try to select maximal(up to 5) number of products you ready to exchange with.

Try to select maximal(up to 5) number of cities where needed products can be.

If you receive notification about matched announcement try to call owner of matched announcement as soon as possible.

Try to change product you are ready to exchange with if your announcement doesn’t have match during 1 month.

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  Many wholesale and retail businesses often dissatisfied with sales of some products which have big volumes in stock. This results in increasing opportunity, inventory costs and decreasing profit. At the same time they have demand for products which are not in stock and they have to invest additionally to purchase it. On the other hand there are other businesses of same type. Probably they need product which you have and they are ready to exchange it with product which you can sell much faster.
  Example. You owner or manager of food store. There is big stock of lemonade, which you bought during promotion, and according to daily sales rate you will be able to sell out whole stock during 3 months which is not acceptable as you invested a lot of money in it. Also you have purchase natural juice or some other food category products as stock of them on low level. One solution is to invest money and purchase required products. But what if there is other food store which plans to buy lemonade and which has in stock product like natural juice or some other food category product which you plan to purchase. In this case both businesses can get rid of product which stuck in their WH and receive product which they planned to purchase without investing money. Considering big number of food stores and big assortments there is big chance to find other food store with which you can exchange products.
  Purpose of our platform is to connect retail and wholesale businesses of same type for exchanging products which will result in lower inventory of slow moving products and increasing profit for both sides. You just have to post announcement, get notification when there will be matching announcement and contact owner of that announcement.